Obesity: Have the Courage to Face Facts

A recent official survey revealed half the UK population was too fat, but a quarter of them refused to admit that this was true. Thousands of people today are living in a state of total denial. They look into the mirror and refuse to see the bulging belly, chubby cheeks and flabby thighs. This may boost their ego, but does nothing whatsoever to improve their health. Just as you can’t be a little bit pregnant, so you can’t be a little bit obese. If you’re carrying excess avoirdupois, there’s no way you can’t be in tip-top shape. Problems can never be solved if we deny that they exist. This was emphasised by John Adams, the second president of the USA, who said: ‘Facts are stubborn things, and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.’ One of our major aids in tackling the world’s obesity

epidemic is to face up to the reality of the situation. To aid this process, we will from time to time be publishing some revealing truths about the problem. Here are six such factual observations.

1. Thirty-five per cent of middle-aged Britons are obese, which is more than double the international average of seventeen per cent.
2. Anyone who eats a hundred calories a day more that they need – which is roughly a bag of crisps – will put on ten pounds a year.
3. Obese girls are six times as likely to develop gall stones as their healthy-weight classmates.
4. Marriage has different effects on the figures of men and women. Women tend to put on weight after they get married, probably because they lose weight to fit into their wedding dresses and then relax the moment the big event is over. Men put on weight when they get divorced, either because they comfort eat, or resort to take-away meals.
5. Increasing muscle mass by just three pounds, makes the body burn 150 – 300 more calories a day, regardless of one’s level of physical activity.
6. There are some doubts about the fattest ever human being. The Guinness Book

of Records judges it to have been a Mississippi man who tipped the scales at 891 lb. But in 1993 there were newspaper reports of a gargantuan Michigan woman who was estimated to have exceeded that figure, and required fifteen firemen to carry her to hospital wrapped in a tarpaulin sheet.

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