Obesity: The Triumph of the Sextraverts

Overweight is not simply a matter or what you eat, and how much exercise you take, it’s also closely linked with your personality. Some people are extraverts, which means that by nature they’re lively souls programmed to spend their days in a constant hunt for excitement and pleasure in their immediate physical and social environment. At the opposite end of the behavioural spectrum are the introverts, who tend to shy away from social contacts and allow themselves to be preoccupied with their own private thoughts. These emotional differences play a major role in weight control. This was revealed in a study carried out at the Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, which compared the sex lives of matched groups of fat and slim married women. The results showed that ‘in terms of erotic readiness and general sexual excitability’ the fat women were nearly twice as sensuous as their slim counterparts. ‘These women obviously weren’t overeating instead of having sex,’ the researchers concluded, ‘their craving for both food and sex exists almost simultaneously.’

It’s good to have a lust for life and be the life and soul of the party. One small snag is that extraversion trends to be linked with substance abuse and addictive behaviour. This means that if you’re an outgoing type, you’ll probably find it easier to be hooked on food and drink. That drawback can be overcome by taking firm control of your social and physical environment. Make sure that when you look around to find some way of tickling the pleasure centres of your

brain you’ll see a skipping rope rather than a tempting plate of chocolate biscuits. If you want to stop for a jovial chat with your colleagues at work, make a point of meeting them on the stairs rather than in the lift. And when you select your chums and lifetime partners, do your best to choose subjects who are slim rather than overweight. In that way you’ll be more likely to take your evening entertainment in a bowling alley rather than a pizza parlour.

And keep taking the erotic medicine. Sexual intercourse is an energetic occupation, whether it’s a vigorous romp in the hay or a few minutes refined coupling in the marital bed. Metabolic studies show that on average it uses up about 200 calories, which makes it as energetic as half an hour’s jogging. So don’t let your passions die when you settle down in a long term relationship. A poll carried out by researchers at Loughborough University found that married couples were far less likely to take the recommended daily level of physical activity than those living on their own. As a result married couples are twice as likely to be obese as their single counterparts. This fact has been put to practical use by dairy farmers, who have restricted the sexual activity of their heifers by fitting them with ‘Wei-Gro’ vaginal inserts. The insertion of these plastic chastity belts has led to an an acceleration of up to a quarter in the rate at which they gained weight.

Ursula Andress, the Swiss bombshell whose dramatic emergence from the Caribbean sea in Dr No, wearing only a skimpy white bikini with a sheath knife tied around her waist, was voted number one in the ‘World’s Sexy Moments’. Some years later, when she was asked how she maintained her sylph like figure, the still svelte star replied ‘Loving keeps me slim.’ That surely must be a more enjoyable was of keeping slim than pumping iron or running marathons.

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