Donald NorfolkIf we’re to work together on this life enhancing project it’s only right that you should know a little about my back ground and credentials. I provide this information, not to boast, but so you will know a little about my strengths, weaknesses, foibles and prejudices. I come from a long line of lay preachers, and have been heavily influenced by my father, a devout Christian who sought every opportunity he could find to preach the New Testament message. Even as a youngster I couldn’t share his religious beliefs – which seemed to me then as now to have a divisive rather than a unifying influence – but I did admire his Messianic zeal. Like him I fervently believe that our lives can be changed for the better, and our communal lives enriched as a result.

So it was that I determined to devote my life to promoting the gospel, not of a particular religion, but the humanist gospel of social well-being and holistic health. As a youngster I was a sport’s enthusiast and an active member of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade. When I was old enough to consider a career, I trained as an osteopath, and set up in practice in the West End of London, where my patients included many internationally famous actors, film stars and celebrities in the world of politics, sport and pop music. This was a source of enormous satisfaction, but I quickly discovered that correcting a person’s physical ailments didn’t always make them well. Health, I soon recognised, is not the absence of disease but a positive state of mental and physical well-being. This realisation led me to pursue a parallel career in health promotion.

In 1955 I began to lecture to a wide variety of adult audiences, in Britain, Europe and the Far East. This led to invitations to write feature articles for national newspapers and magazines ranging from The Reader’s Digest to the more trendy journals like GQ, She and Cosmopolitan. In the 1960s I began appearing regularly on radio and TV, presenting my own BBC radio show Your Very Good Health, and serving as the resident health expert for two long-running TV programmes. Over the years I’ve written numerous books, many of which have been published in foreign language editions. These include Hands for Healing (Corgi 1966); The Habits of Health (St. Martin’s Press 1972); The Stress Factor (Simon & Schuster 1979); Fit for Life (Hamlyn 1980); Farewell to Fatigue (Michael Joseph 1985); Conquering Back Pain (Blandford Press1986), Think Well, Feel Great (Michael Joseph 1990); Sex Drive (Headline Books 1994) Fit for Life: Second Chance (Plan for Living Books 1996) and TheTherapeutic Garden (Bantam 2000)

In 1995 I was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Health in recognition of my contribution to health promotion, and I’m now seeking a way to improve the quality of life of the Golden Oldie generation. (Watch this space. Suggestions welcomed) From now onwards on this site I’ll be posting details of my activities, reading and research, providing information which I hope you’ll find not only interesting and informative, but also of practical benefit. The advice is free, and will provide you with an on-going programme of self-improvement, offering you a pathway to increased fitness and energy, a reduction in anxiety and tension, greater happiness and contentment and heightened success in the achievement of your ambitions and life time goals.

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