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A Culture of Fear

We live in what has been described as the Age of Anxiety. Life has never been without its hazards, but the risks we face today seem to be more pervasive and pressing than ever before. Our forebears lived in an environment which was far more dangerous than ours, but the periods of stress they suffered […]

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Party Politics: Democracy’s Oldest Enemy

We’re now being ruled by what Lord Hailsham once described as an ‘elective dictatorship’. Every few years we’re given a chance to vote. This illusory freedom enables us to be ruled by a hegemony drawn from the grandees of either the Labour or Tory parties. This is not a democracy in any shape or form. […]

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Joseph Stalin: Man or Monster?

We live in a fuzzy world. My streetwise Auntie Ethel realised this long before Heisenberg enunciated the ‘Uncertainty Principle’, which lies at the heart of quantum physics. Grey areas are the rule rather than the exception. Nothing is all black, and nothing totally white. We try to put people in ethical pigeon holes: saints to […]

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