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The Potato Diet: A Novel and Effective Way of Losing Weight

The humble spud has an illustrious history and offers an excellent source of low calorie calorie nourishment.

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Risk Management: How to Assess the Hazards that Threaten Your Life

Obesity is not a vanity issue, it's one of today's greatest health perils

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Comfort Eating: A Common Cause of Unhealthy Weight Gain

Eating can often be a compensation for loneliness, unhappiness and grief rather than a response to genuine hunger.

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Double Chins: A Tell-Tale Sign of Ageing and Neglect

If your jowls are loaded with fat, you're highly likely to snore. You also run an increased risk of suffering memory loss, hypertension, heart attacks and strokes.

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Cleanliness is Not Next to Godliness: It's Sheer Stupidity

The human body is smothered with germs, which if properly treated can help to keep us slim

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