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Childhood Obesity: A Growing Health Threat

Childhood obesity has more than tripled during the past thirty years. Today, .nearly a quarter of British children are either overweight or clinically obese by the time they’re old enough to enter primary school, A few years later, when they progress to junior school, a third of pupils will have joined the ranks of Billie […]

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Workplace Obesity: Achieving Bigger Profits with a Slimmed Down Workforce

This year obesity is destined to overtake smoking as the world’s number one cause of preventable illness and premature death. This is bound to have a major impact on the UK economy, especially as Britain has the fattest labour force in Europe, with well over half its workers overweight and fully a quarter clinically obese. […]

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A Weight Watchers Nightmare: How Lack of Sleep Provokes Weight Gain

Overweight people tend to get caught in a medley of vicious circles. The greater their bulk, the more difficult it is to for them to get about. This means they take less calorie-burning exercise. Since they have little in common with sports jocks, they tend to congregate time with their fellow couch potatoes. As a […]

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Small is Beautiful: The Life and Work of E.F. Schumacher

It seems appropriate today to give thanks for the highly influential life and work of Ernst Friedrich Schumacher, who was born exactly a century ago on 16th August 1911. ‘Fritz’, as he was fondly known to his family and friends, was destined for a life in academia. He was the nomadic son of a professor […]

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Guilt: The Unwelcome Companion

Carrying a needless burden of guilt is a common cause of psychological distress. How to get the monkey off your back.

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