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Pure,White and Deadly: A Simple Way to Slim, by Eating Less Refined Sugar

A simple way to lose weight by following the Banting Diet, which was the subject of the first ever slimming book.

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Pure White and Deadly: A Simple Way to Slim is to Reduce the Consumption of Refined Sugar

A simple way to lose weight by reducing the intake of refined sugar and heavily sweetened commercial foodstuffs.

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The Great Divide: How Poverty Divides our Communities, Undermines our Economies and Impairs our Health

We’re getting things seriously out of proportion. We’re worrying about carbon emissions, and failing to recognize that the thing which does most to damage our happiness, welfare and national health is not the pollution of the environment, but the growing gap between the country’s haves and the have-nots. Poverty is now the major determinant of […]

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Obesity: The Triumph of the Sextraverts

Overweight is not simply a matter or what you eat, and how much exercise you take, it’s also closely linked with your personality. Some people are extraverts, which means that by nature they’re lively souls programmed to spend their days in a constant hunt for excitement and pleasure in their immediate physical and social environment. […]

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A Viking Apologises for the Destruction of Canterbury Cathedral – a Thousand Years After the Event Took Place

Now’s the time to get it off my chest. I’m proud to claim Viking descent, but I deeply regret the atrocity my forebears carried out during the last few days of September 1011, when they desecrated Canterbury Cathedral, held its Archbishop hostage and killed its abbot. I can’t think what got into them. They were […]

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