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Spring Fever: The Lethargy Which Many Suffer at this Time of the Year

What effect does the spring have on our fitness levels and sexual behaviour?

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Make Full Use of The Healing Power of Nature

The miracle of homeostasis

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House of Lords: Time Not for Change but for Total Abolition

A week is said to be a long time in politics. Yet five thousand weeks, and countless debates, white papers, Royal commissions and public consultations, have not enabled British parliamentarians to carry out much needed reforms to its upper chamber. The problem was highlighted in 1911 by the Liberal Government of Lloyd George, which passed […]

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Power to the People: The UK's Faltering Attempt to Create a 'Big Society'

We live in a global world where nations, to an ever increasing extent, are being dominated by political juntas. To escape the stranglehold of these centralised power blocs, people are now taking to the streets to demand their historic rights and freedoms. Historians have no doubt that when Ronald Reagan won the race to the […]

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Arthritis Knees: Another Disease Closely Linked to the Obesity Epidemic

Today, very few people walk well, which is particularly true of the elderly and obese. Sit on a park bench and watch the world and his wife walk by and you’ll see how very badly they do it. You’ll see hobblers, waddlers, mincers and strutters, but very few people who walk with elegance and grace. […]

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