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The Healing Power of Nature

credit repair company At present the creationists seem to be having a ding-dong battle with the Darwinists. Nevertheless there’s one thing on which both warring factions agree: that the world and everything in it is ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’ The biosphere is self-regulating to an awesome extent. The creationists say this is because it was […]

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Roughage: Taking the Rough with the Smooth

how to get back with your ex girlfriend after she dumps you yahoo answers We’re all creatures of fads and fancies, and medicine is just as subject to these fleeting fashions as the world of haute couture. Few things date as quickly as yesterday’s health craze. One minute it’s jogging, the next it’s antioxidants or […]

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Belly Flop

It’s a sad reflection on our contemporary way of life, that so very few people look good in beachwear once they’ve passed middle age. The torsos of most children are straight and trim, but as they age their figures invariably become marred by flabby muscles, postural defects and excessive fat deposits. The most common of […]

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Gum disease: Don’t Get ‘Long in the Tooth’

Ageing is usually associated with wrinkles and greying hair, but another tell-tale sign is geriatric gum disease. When we’re young, our teeth are surrounded by a tight fringe of tissue, very similar to the cuticle that seals the end of our finger nails. This tight skin encirclement protects our thirty-two tooth sockets from the entry […]

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The Cold Water Cure: Gymnastics for the Arteries

Tonics are not quite as fashionable as they once were. Most of the trendy potions of yesteryear have now been classified by the health authorities as drugs of ‘unproven value’ But not all tonics come in bottles. Certainly one of the finest of all restorative remedies is to start the day with a cold or […]

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