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Something to Chew Over

Many health fads have an exceedingly short shelf life. One of these was Fletcherism, a cult which was launched at the start of the twentieth century by an overweight American business man, Horace Fletcher. At the age of forty, Fletcher had been turned down for a life insurance policy as a bad health risk. He […]

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How are the mighty fallen?

Dame Edith Evans was an actress of considerable hauteur. This sometimes made it difficult for her to cope with the physical problems of old age. When she was 87 she confessed: ‘The trouble with growing old is you tend to fall down a lot. I’ve learned the trick though. When you fall down at my […]

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Fast Way to Health

Fasts have been undertaken for many reasons, most of which are not related to health issues. Mystics have taken them to induce a state of physic euphoria; political activists have endured them in prison as a dramatic form of social protest and control. Primitive man went without food as an act of penitence, hoping that […]

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Chewing Gum: Boon or Bane?

A few days ago I posted a piece extolling the virtues of ‘head digestion’, the practice of thoroughly chewing every mouthful of food before it is swallowed. (See ‘Something to Chew Over’ ) At its end I promised that in the next few days I’d have more to say about the benefits and hazards of […]

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Walk Tall

Very few people walk well. Sit on a park bench and watch the world and his wife walk buy and you’ll note how very badly they do it. In a short while you’ll see a succession of hobblers, bouncers and rollers, but very few people who walk with elegance and ease. The hobblers are in […]

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