Donald Norfolk Welcome to the world of life enrichment, growth and personal fulfilment. This website has no commercial affiliations whatsoever, and has been created solely to satisfy the universal longing for self development and growth. It’s based on my lifetime experience in the field of health promotion, as an author, journalist and broadcaster on both radio and television. (If you’d like to know more about my credentials press the ‘Donald Norfolk’ button at the top of this page.)

If you’re new to the site I suggest start by learning something about the principles of incremental learning on which our programme of self-development is based. This can be viewed by pressing the ‘Incremental Learning’ button above. You’ll be relieved to find that you don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or health freak to benefit from this site. There’s no need to pump iron, run marathons or exist on an exclusively fruitarian diet. Life is for living, not for counting calories and measuring blood cholesterol levels. The step-by-step programme we’ve planned for you is fun to follow and richly rewarded. Every Friday we’ll be offering you a simple, well authenticated health hint. These tips are designed to build into an integrated programme of holistic health enhancement. By following them you’ll gradually increase your get-up-and-go; learn to handle stress; improve your stamina; overcome your worries; strengthen your immune system; extend your friendship networks and heighten your level of influence and social involvement. The enormous medical advances of recent years have added years to our lives. Now we must acquire the skills to ensure that we add life to those bonus years.

Please join our campaign, and encourage your family and friends to do the same. There are no membership fees or registration formalities, only the cumulative rewards you’ll gain come from pursuing the course. If you find one of the tips particularly helpful you can easily print it out and slip it through a neighbour’s letterbox with a covering note. Or, by using the buttons supplied at the bottom of each tip, you can email the item to a friend, or post it to them on the social websites Facebook, Twitter and Digg. In this way we can all band together to spread the universal message of life enrichment, growth, harmony, peace and comradeship.

© Donald Norfolk 2010

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